About the Band.

MIDWELL. is an alternative rock band based out of Alpharetta Georgia that brings a fun and energetic approach to music. By fusing together influences that span from country and classic rock to pop and worship, MIDWELL. creates a unique, upbeat yet introspective sound that is a joy to listen to.

Their first EP is on the way, and will be available by fall 2019!


MIDWELL. was founded in November of 2018 by Gray O’Neil and Joey Cristofanelli, best friends since high school. MIDWELL. began as a mission to use music to create an environment to inspire, uplift, and bring friends together. Over the next few months, Nate Rees and Brad Strong joined, and they began playing house shows and events in the north Georgia area. As they continue to build momentum, they are carefully constructing the foundation for the future of MIDWELL.


Joey Cristofanelli
Lead Vocals

Gray O’Neil
Keys / Vocals

Nate Rees

Brad Strong
Guitar / Vocals

MIDWELL. is the best! They’re so fun, engaging and humble. Plus they totally freakin shred bro!
— Our parents, hopefully